One Journey Law was created by immigrants for immigrants who recognize the daunting prospects of navigating the United States Immigration system and laws. We offer help and support.

How do I legally remain in the United States and become a citizen? This is probably the most pressing question asked by every immigrant to the United States. One Journey Law’s number one priority is to provide the answer to that question to every immigrant who asks it, tailored to each immigrant’s specific circumstances.

One Journey Law was born out of a long held dream and a continuous desire to ease the burden of ignorance, anxiety, and uncertainty that all immigrants face at some point while navigating the United States Immigration system and laws. One Journey Law’s aim is to make your transition from immigrant to citizen as smooth and worry free as possible; a single journey you will only have to make once.

Once, an individual entered the United States on a non-immigrant visa. He overstayed his visa, however, his sibling filed a Petition for Alien Relative (I-130) on his behalf. The Petition was approved, and the next step would be to file an application for Adjustment of Status. However, four years after the approval, his attorney still had not filed the Adjustment of Status application, even though the attorney had been paid to do so and provided with the required paperwork. Eventually, the attorney told him he could not adjust his status but had to return to his country of origin for consular processing. Naturally, he was confused, and getting nowhere, fired his original attorney. His file ended up in my hands. Upon review, the problem was immediately apparent. His prior attorney had incorrectly stated on the Petition For Alien Relative that the immigrant was employed in the United States. Non-immigrant employment violates the terms of a non-immigrant visa, and renders the non-immigrant ineligible for Adjustment of Status. Hence, unfortunately for him, the attorney was now correct; he is not eligible for Adjustment of Status. At the same time, if he returns to his country of origin for consular processing, he will be found inadmissible because he overstayed his non-immigrant visa and remained in the U.S. for more than 10 years. At this point, I should point out that his first attorney was not an immigration lawyer.

Moral: One does not visit a gynecologist to treat a heart concern; one visits a cardiologist. Likewise, immigrants take immigration concerns to an immigration attorney.

I was an immigrant. I understand firsthand the anxiety and confusion of attempting to navigate immigration laws and procedures that one does not understand. I can help you demystify and navigate these laws and procedures. You can meet with me with the full expectation that you will be treated with respect, regardless of the level of difficulty of your problem and that you will be heard and assessed, and given options. My approach is to consistently demonstrate the qualities every client needs in an immigration attorney. I listen, I observe, I question, I research, I solve and I implement. I will be honest and straightforward with you and I will not make false or illusory promises. I am persistent and tenacious and I will fight your battle like it is my own.

I earned my J.D. in 2013 from the University of New Hampshire School of Law, where I dedicated my entire final year to rigorous immigration law training and practicing under a licensed attorney. Since then, I have worked extensively in matters involving domestic violence based asylum, VAWA petitions, Green Card and Citizenship applications, Trafficking and Crime victims visa petitions, and other areas of Immigration Law. I am admitted to and am a member in good standing of the Florida Bar as well as the United States District Court Southern District of Florida. My practice focuses largely on immigration law, and I also practice civil and consumer law.

Do not let your immigration issues stress you out. Keep calm and call a lawyer. Call me!